Agile research with Qualio Team

Do you conduct or intend to conduct research on the Polish market?

Do you want to introduce a brand, product or service successfully to the Polish market?

With Qualio Team you will learn everything you need about Polish market and consumers, but also develop a marketing, communication and price strategy

About us

Qualio Team specializes in agile research. That means we quickly adapt to the emerging market needs, individual expectations of our new clients, the cultures of their organizations, business cultures and the cultures of the countries and local markets they come from.

Acting agile, we respond to the customer needs and strategic goals of brands as well as we design research processes that fit perfectly to the aims and budgets of our clients.


The multidisciplinary Qualio Team consists of researchers representing the highest professional level and top-class specialists in the field of marketing, product and communication strategies. As a result, we are able to solve complex research problems as well as implement marketing projects quickly and effectively, while providing practical, ready-to-implement solutions.

Our researchers have experience not only in marketing, but also in social research carried out for research institutes and academies. They themselves have also university degrees and achievements in the field of sociology and cultural/social anthropology, which helps us to keep the highest quality at the methodological level.


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Together with our clients or on their behalf:

  • we look for new trends, social phenomena and consumer insights
  • we verify marketing and communications strategies, ideas and concepts of products or services
  • we measure the effectiveness of processes and activities
  • independently or in a workshop mode, we build strategies for brands and their products and services

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